Delta Foods Limited

Welcome to Delta Foods Ltd

We specialise in importing value-added chicken and processed whole-muscle products for the foodservice industry. The value-added chicken patties/burgers and nuggets as well as our popular whole-muscle hot and spicy chicken wings are imported from Germany.

Our whole-muscle chicken products such as Crispy Mini Chicken Fillets, Crispy Chicken Fillet Burgers and Crispy Chicken Fillet Bites from Thailand enjoy a growing popularity because of their versatility and excellent quality. Also, an increasing demand has been noticed for southern fried chicken and hot and spicy fillet burgers.


Delta Foods Ltd was established in 1986 by John Kengan, a Dutchman living in Oban. In the early days Dutch apple flans, Spring Rolls and a selection of Fast-Food Products were imported from Holland. Chicken Nuggets and Steaks from the UK were added to complete the range. In 1999 the supply of Chicken Products dried up; a replacement supply was found in Germany which we still use.


Delta Foods Ltd are a longstanding member of the British Frozen Foods Federation.